Kim Onyskiw is a self taught artist from Huddersfield, UK. Growing up surrounded by the Yorkshire countryside, and with a love of animals, a lot of her work is inspired by nature. From trees and woodlands to cute little animals, her paintings can capture the beauty of an Autumn morning, or the playfulness of a little kitten.

Her paintings are mainly in acrylics on canvas (with the occasional bit of mixed media), and use bright, vibrant colours. In some of the works the colour is used to help represent the sounds and feeling given by a certain instrument or song, using synaesthesia to help incorporate a love of music into her work.

The paintings have been sold and commissioned to people from all over the UK and Ireland, as well as internationally to as far away as the US, Canada and Australia. The work has also been displayed at various local exhibitions, including Holmfirth Art Week and at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

One of her latest projects has been creating the artwork for the 2013 album "A Flash of Darkness" by Mark Morriss (ex singer from the Bluetones). Although the artwork contains the usual bright colours and whimsical animals that feature in a lot of her work, things soon start to take a darker turn.